Photography services

I can capture visual content, and perform retouching and image adjustments for multiple platforms.  I produce quality images by photographing on location, and have been responsible for capturing scenes during film productions that have been used in films and publicity materials.  I also have photographed personal projects.  I can deliver a high quality final product for print or digital media.  For my full CV/Resume, click here.  Gallery of Images are below.



Stills taken for StoryPortrait Media.

A Horseback Ride to the SouL

Stills taken on set of "A Horseback Ride to the Soul" for Camino Verite Films.


New mexico

Abandoned Series, 2013

The Abandoned series was a personal project, in which I documented metallic items found at various ghost towns that were discarded and left to the ravages of time.


Shelene’s gift as a filmmaker is her ability to listen, combined with uncommon patience and genuine desire to reveal her client’s true vision on film. This allows her to really understand her client’s dreams and ambitions, and frame the often difficult-to-articulate nuances of a project into an accurate and inspiring visual articulation.
— Kelly Wendorf, Founder Equus