As a Motion Graphics Designer, I can assist with the production of motion graphics and animations. Working on highly complex and detailed projects, I can coordinate with members post-production to deliver quality products. 

For my full CV/Resume, click here.  For my Demo Reel, click here


  • Concept Development of Motion Graphics projects.
  • Design, creation of assets, bringing them to life, modelling, animation.
  • Outputting and delivering high quality and innovative motion graphic content.
  • Adobe CC 2015:  After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere
  • Workflow & Management.
  • Working knowledge of video and audio codecs and formats.



Her innate rhythm and artistic sense comes from her unique cultural background in Louisiana - which I find unique and refreshing. She is ready to tackle large and sophisticated projects. She is a dedicated worker, thoughtful and generous.
— Dyanna Taylor, Owner, Raven Rouge, Inc.