Post-Production Supervisor & Editor, 2018

Final Cutz is an upcoming feature film produced through Santa Fe University of Art and Design's Film School program, Shoot the Stars. After five seasons of making acclaimed shorts, the program is expanding into feature film territory with Final Cutz.

he film is written and directed by Liam Lockhart, chairman of the Film School at SFUAD, and produced by Claudio Ruben. The crew consists of several of the university's film students, working with professionals in the film industry.

Currently in Post and scheduled to be completed in Fall 2018.

Trailer for Nasario remembers the Rio Puerco.

Motion Graphics Reel for Nasario remembers the Rio Puerco.

Cinematography Reel for Nasario remembers the Rio Puerco.


Second Camera Operator, Editor, Motion Graphics Designer & Colorist, 2017

Nasario remembers the Río Puerco is a feature documentary that follows celebrated folklorist Nasario García doing what he loves: wandering through landscape and memory amid the ghosts towns of New Mexico's Rio Puerco valley, reviving recuerdos tales of his youth when the ranching villages thrived and viejitos elders told stories beside a river that once ran. The film is directed by Shebana Coelho, who previously adapted Dr. García’s first book of oral histories into the stage play, When The Stars Trembled in Río Puerco, that was performed in Santa Fe and AlbuquerqueUsing interviews with Dr. García, oral histories, archival photos and footage of the landscape, this hour-long film evokes the stillness and vividness of a tactile past, one that the landscape and the ruins still remember. New Mexico PBS KNME aired Nasario remembers the Río Puerco in October 2017.  To find out more about Nasario remembers the Rio Puerco, please visit:


Motion Graphics Designer

Since the beginning of time, Native American Warriors have navigated a unique cultural and spiritual path, relying on the tenets of the Warrior in ancient and modern warfare. The lessons of the Warrior are universal; the spirit of the Warrior survives, even in the face of conflict. 


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Carol Moldaw 's BEAUTY REFRACTED is a tapestry of the ways we are marked by time. From the "unstaunchable grief" of losing a parent to the experience of raising a child through adolescence, Moldaw peels back the veil of the every day to discover metaphysical passions. 


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Motion Graphics Designer

Awakening in Taos is a made-in-New Mexico documentary intended for PBS distribution. It relates the untold story of Mabel Dodge Luhan, a remarkable woman; a writer and advocate for the arts, women’s rights and Native American culture. 

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NM Women in Film PSA

Camera Operator, Editor & Motion Graphics

NMWIF is a chapter of Women in Film and Television International and a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Our membership is composed of women and men in all areas of the film and television industry in New Mexico. 

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At Love+Leche we let Mother Nature guide our way in producing the raw ingredients for our luscious soap and lotion bars. Our handcrafted products are made with the help of local nanny goats, who give their rich frothy milk. The golden beeswax, and organic calendula owers are harvested by our beekeeper and farmer friends here in Northern New Mexico. Our soaps and lotions are hand-poured into artisan bars designed by a local sculptor and inspired by our Santa Fe life. We scent our products using only natural essential oils.

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Austin, Texas-based visual artist Ysabel LeMay can be summed up simply: W.O.W. It stands for her ‘Wonderful Other Worlds’, digitally composed panoramas of natural splendor so vividly realized that one feels drawn to step into them. While the technique is high-tech, LeMay’s hypercollage process is instinctual and organic, allowing each piece to dictate its own destiny. 

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NMWIF fiesta

Motion Graphics & Graphic Designer

As part of the NM Women in Film's 10 year anniversary celebration, NMWIF planned a tri-city Film Fiesta in Las Cruces, Albuquerque and Santa Fe from July 10-12, 2015 to celebrate and honor our past and present Members by showcasing their creativity, vision and artistry. 

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